"Life Safety Codes 'In the Means of Egress'" Books 2009, 2012, 2015.

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Tom is a hardware expert on Building and Fire Codes in the Means of Egress, (The safe route out of a building or structure). Tom taught his first seminar in October of 1990 when he was asked by the national locksmith association to put together this course. The first lecture was very basic, covering the ADA Act of 1990 and BOCA, Building Officials and Code Administration chapter 7- 1990 edition, along with NFPA 80 and 101, Fire door assemblies and life safety codes.

This book is updated every three years and the current version is 2015. These books are color coded, Red (2009), Blue (2012), and Yellow (2015).

Today book is more than 234 pages, with the latest building and fire code offered from ICC, The International Code Congress, and NFPA, National Fire Protection Association 80 & 101, and IFDIA the International Fire Door Inspection Association.

The book has many author's comments to help you understand the code and how door frames and hardware are treated in the means of egress. This is a must book for all hardware installers.