PROFILE European Cylinders: M24

PROFILE European Cylinders: M24

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ASSA manufactures a variety of European cylinders including the Scandinavian oval
and the Euro Din (M20 Series). Available for different door thicknesses and featuring a cam actuator, ASSA Euro Din cylinders can be used with many types of imported
locksets and specialty hardware. All European cylinders can be keyed into any new or
existing ASSA key system.

• Retrofits variety of European applications
• Two independent locking mechanisms to ensure security and optimum pick resistance
• Inactive “false” grooves on side pins designed to increase pick resistance

Technical Information:
• M20 Series available for different door thicknesses
• Cylinder housing and plug made of high quality brass
• Stainless steel top pins
• Bottom pins and master pins are nickel silver

• ASSA warrants its products against defective workmanship or wear resulting from defects for one year