ASSA CLIQ / Remote

The ASSA CLIQ Remote is aimed at customers who need to change authorizations relatively often, but need mechanical security. CLIQ Remote is designed with the advantages of both access control and mechanical key systems, making it suitable for geographically scattered organizations. Utilizing all the same features as the ASSA C4 CLIQ product, the ASSA CLIQ Remote takes the concept to a new level by making it possible to give one person, regardless of location, anywhere in the world, the ability to remotely grant or deny access to a building for a specific period, day or time.

Administrators can make all daily changes to users’ access rights without ever needing to have the keys physically or visit the opening. The web-based application CLIQ Web Manager links users with one or more key updaters strategically located where users frequently pass, such as the staff entrance or main entrance, depending on what is appropriate for the operation. The respective key holders simply find a key updater and download their new authorizations. All user keys feature a quartz clock making it possible to control the user's authorization during selected times. You can specify both a start and a stop time when a key will have access to a particular opening. Outside the specified time interval the key is inactive, which means the key can be issued before it will be physically used. Since the key has a built-in clock it is automatically enabled on the specified start date and then has authorization until the stop time. Keys can be enabled to work on multiple schedules for different openings.

Employing a feature known as revalidation, a user key can be set to expire at regular intervals requiring that the user revalidate the key for current access permissions. Revalidation can limit the liability of a lost or stolen key by blocking any future updates. For example, if keys are programmed with authorization for 24 hours, the user must access a key updater in order to get new authorization for the next interval. In the event of a lost or stolen user key the electronic authorization can simply be blocked, and the key becomes useless, even if it fits the lock mechanically. And of course if the key is found at a later date, it can be updated and used again.

All ASSA CLIQ Remote electromechanical keys systems can be fully integrated with both Maximum Plus and Twin Maximum mechanical systems for maximum flexibility. CLIQ Remote helps you to take a total solution approach to key administration, regardless of facility placement or size, saving both time and money.


  • Installation Without Wiring at the Opening
  • Access Rights Updated Remotely
  • User Key Revalidation
  • Multiple Time Schedules
  • Audit Trail with Time and Date Stamp
  • Extreme Master Keying Capacity
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Wide Range of Retrofit Cylinder Shapes
  • Same Key Operates both Mechanical and Electronic Lock
  • DES Encrypted


  • Battery Life 2 Years or 20K Openings
  • HID Prox Chip Option


  • 2 Years on Electronics
  • ASSA warrants against key breakage under normal use


  • Patented Key Control
  • Operating Temperatures: -40° F to 130° F

Technical Information:

  • Power Supply is Provided by the Key
  • Data Transfer 64 Bit and Higher
  • Water Resistant
  • Sealed Electronics
  • No Wires